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Individuals who are interested in preserving their wealth for posterity can benefit tremendously from creating a will or trust, either of which can form the cornerstone of a comprehensive estate plan.  Furthermore, if you wish to protect your family from legal complications in the event of incapacitation or some other unexpected event, you can take advantage of legal tools such as advance healthcare directives and powers of attorney in order to guarantee that no matter what challenges emerge in the future, your dignity and financial stability won’t be unnecessarily compromised.  It’s easy to put off estate planning, but the price of doing so can be significant.  The families  of individuals who die without having thorough estate plan in place often encounter unexpected consequences down the line, including the loss of wealth to fraud and superfluous taxation.

We handle most estate planning matters for your Minnesota clients, including but not limited to



Power of attorney

Advance healthcare directives

Probate court

Tax issues



Affidavits of heirship

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Understanding Wills

A will is the most common tool used in planning for your estate and outlines your wishes for the distribution of wealth and assets, designating guardianship of any minor children, and other important information.  A will that simply designates the distribution of assets is often known as a basic will.  Wills can often take on more complexity to achieve a wide range of family-oriented and tax objectives.  Wills can also be used in combination with a trust to designate property management and creditor protection.  They may also leave assets to a pre-existing living trust, which is commonly known as a pour-over will.  Having a will alone will not protect your family from probate.  It will, however, most likely make the process faster and more efficient.

Understanding Trusts

Trusts are an advanced tool in estate planning and have a number of advantages over wills.  They can help to minimize taxes and ensure that property and assets are distributed in line with your wishes.  Our expertise in estate planning can help you to determine if a trust is right for you and, if it is, exactly what form of trust to implement.  Types of trusts include:

Revocable living trusts

Irrevocable trusts

Charitable trusts

Life insurance trusts

Minor’s trusts

Special needs trusts

and others

Depending on your needs, we can give you a full understanding of the available trust options.  A revocable living trust, for example, allows you to manage your property during your life as well as after your death. Trusts also maintain your privacy while a will is public record. They also help you to avoid the probate process, which can be long and expensive.

Experienced Probate Court Representation

Problems can often arise during the estate settlement process, especially if the deceased passed away without a valid will or estate plan in place.  When this happens, probate court intervenes in an effort to administer the estate in an orderly fashion.  Unfortunately, contested estate matters come at an already difficult time and can be long, stressful and complicated without qualified guidance.  We understand how difficult probate, trust, and estate litigation can be.  It is our mission to help clients through this process with sensitivity while maintaining a resolute stance regarding their rights and interests.  These matters can be contentious and highly emotional.  It is our job to take the legal reins and use our experience to add clarity and objectivity.  If you have been named a personal representative in the will of a deceased individual, we will gladly guide you through the probate process with an eye to your bottom line and keep you from getting bogged down in unnecessary litigation.  Whatever role you find yourself in regarding a probate matter, we can help you through it.

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